30 Day Challenge™

For People Who Sit Too Much, Move Too Little, & Eat the Wrong Stuff

  • Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you want to get rid of belly fat and look slim and trim again?
  • Are you concerned about other health issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high blood sugar?
  • Do you know you need to start exercising but need to find out what works for you?
  • Do you wonder how living a balanced life affects your weight and overall health?

Well, now you can get answers to all of these questions, plus, get practical, easy-to-do steps to show you how to move and eat for weight loss and better health.

And the timing is RIGHT for you to start sitting less, moving more, and eating better.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), “nearly 78 million adults in the United States deal with the health and emotional effects of obesity every day. A primary factor in this problem is not moving enough.”

The AHA also found these staggering consequences of being physically inactive:
  • 68% of all adults are obese or overweight
  • More people are reaching levels of obesity each day.
  • It is becoming more difficult to be active due to technology and better mass transportation.
  • More people work in jobs where they sit for most of the day than ever before.

Even worse, new research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that people who spend a lot of time sitting may be up to 40% more likely to die from any cause, compared to people who don’t sit as long.

Unfortunately, research also shows that sporadic trips to the gym, or trying to exercise before or after work  – can’t undo the effects of a day spent sitting. This is vitally important, especially if you know you sit too much and move too little.  Read this blog post to learn more).

But What About The Other Problems You Have to Face By Sitting Too Much, Moving Too Little and Eating the Wrong Stuff Such as…

  • back problems
  • shoulder problems
  • neck problems
  • bad circulation in your legs and elsewhere
  • heart problems
  • weight gain
  • expansion of the mid-section (the most dangerous place to gain a lot of weight
  • clear thinking issues
  • emotional issues such as depression and loneliness

and some that can result in long hospital stays…..

Tina, an Online Business Manager, sat in front of the computer, sometimes not moving for hours at a time. She started having trouble with her hips and sciatic nerve pain. She ended up in the hospital with leg problems, digestive issues, and infections.  After getting out, Tina participated in the MOVE Challenge. With support from her medical professional and physical therapy, she is on her way to recovery.  

Thousands of Seasoned women work online, live in stressful circumstances, don’t eat enough green foods, fruits and vegetables, and don’t get enough movement.  You are experiencing health problems and need to get serious about your health or look forward to increasing doctor visits, more medications and an  unpleasant future.

Instead, take the Move & Eat- 30 Day Challenge and start taking control of your health and wellness.

Move & Eat for Your Life! ™ 30-Day Challenge!

For People Who Sit Too Much, Move Too Little & Eat the Wrong Stuff

In this comprehensive course, you’ll discover how to establish a healthy approach to getting more movement and eating natural healthy foods to become a healthier, more vibrant person.

The 30-Day Challenge wouldn’t be complete without spending time learning about food and it’s role in weight loss and weight maintenance. We’ll talk about getting more plant-based nutrition in your diet and how to prepare delicious meals. You’ll even know about how to time when you eat for maximum weight loss benefit. You’ll discover how to eat out without jeopardizing your weight loss or disappointing your taste buds. We’ll also discuss the basics of planning and preparing meals at home, and uncover tips and tricks for navigating the social elements of eating.

We’ll determine the role of hydration in weight loss and explore how to overcome obstacles to good hydration. We’ll examine how important sleep is in weight loss, and you’ll learn how to get better sleep and cope effectively with sleeplessness.

Now, you might already know that exercise is a necessary part of being successful in a weight loss and weight maintenance program.  In the Move and Eat 30 Day Challenge, you’ll find out about all types of exercises so you can get an immediate start on the right exercise program for you. That means even knowing exercises you can do while sitting down!

Plus, if you sit too much and move too little, it could mean your metabolism might be shut down. Without a healthy metabolism, eating better and working out won’t get you very far.  Maybe you’ve already been discouraged by this problem.  You go try diet after diet and go to the gym a few times a week but nothing seems to happen. Well, there are reasons for that and you’ll learn the simple steps you must take to jump-start your metabolism in the first weeks of the 30-Day Challenge.

In fact, you’ll find how exercise and activity can be enjoyable while helping you meet your weight-loss and weight-maintenance goals. We’ll also probe the effects of stress on the body relative to weight and how to apply stress management techniques for weight loss and weight maintenance.

And since you don’t want to lose weight only to gain it back again, we’ll determine the differences between weight loss and weight maintenance, and see how to master the obstacles to weight maintenance. By the end of the Move and Eat 30 Day Challenge, you’ll have a set of effective tools for movement, exercise, eating and living a balanced life. You’ll walk away with a set of skills you need to keep moving, lose weight and know how to keep it off for a lifetime!

Get Moving – Feel Better – Get Healthier

In the next 4 weeks, you will get full support, resources, and guidance to kick-start your better health and wellness lifestyle.

Brian, a supervisor for a major company, had to sit at his desk all day. He felt sluggish most of the time and gained a lot of weight in the belly area.  He signed up to go to the gym, but by the time he finished his work and got home, he was tired, hungry and ready to get some sleep.  After a scare with his heart that resulted in an angiogram, he got serious about his health.  The MOVE Challenge got him back on track for exercising and eating right.

Imagine you can ….

  • Have more energy and less pain
  • Reduce belly fat and excess weight
  • Create healthy recipes for a lifetime
  • Decrease symptoms related to heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol
  • Sleep better, reduce stress, have clearer thinking (less brain fog)
  • Develop the mindset to be succeed in a healthy lifestyle
  • Start moving your body right away – probably during the first session
  • Understand different types of exercise and how to select the right ones for you
  • Know how to jump-start your metabolism
  • Create a life balance to sustain your health and wellness lifestyle

Look Forward to Experiencing These Type of Benefits and Life Changes When You Participate in the

Move & Eat for Your Life!™ 30-Day Challenge

For People Who Sit Too Much, Move Too Little & Eat the Wrong Stuff!

Here’s What You’ll Receive and Learn in the next 4 week in the 30-Day Challenge:

  • One week to get set up and ready for change
  • 30-days of email support to keep you on track
  • 5 Weekly Audio/Webinars with in-depth information on the topic of the week
  • Resources and support materials to use during and after the program
  • Exercise and eating journal to keep track of your progress
  • Quick, simple recipes using foods you can find anywhere
  • And MORE!

Here are the Topics Covered Each Week

Pre-Work Week: Get Ready to M.O.V.E & E.A.T.

We’re going to jump right in and get you going on your Challenge to Move & Eat 30 Day Challenge.  This is a pre-work week where you’ll get fully organized for success.  Success in any wellness program starts in the mind.  Start out strong by developing the mindset to have lasting change in your life and to support the goals you set.  In this session, you’ll get the Running Shoeseye-opening facts about the effects of sitting too long, not moving enough, and eating the wrong stuff.  Then you’ll determine “why” you want to get healthier.  When that’s done, you can dive right in to get yourself organized for success in the next 30-Days.

Week 1: Get Going With The G.U.T.T. Technique

Belly fat is particularly bad or your health, plus it can be stubborn to get off.   Most people, and especially women,  think  they are stuck with belly fat as they get older.  Well, get ready to find out how to start making that belly fat slide off your mid-section.  Find out why a lack of movement affects not only your belly but your metabolism.  Because you want to lose weight too, we’ll talk about how certain foods affect the gut making it harder to lose weight or easier.

Week 2: Shake It Off With The B.U.T.T. Technique

Get ready to find out there are fun ways to add movement and exercise to your daily routine that make you WANT to keep moving.  In this session you will develop a system to get moving, even it you are required to sit for long periods of time. I’ll even share some exercises you can do sitting down! You’ll find out how much movement is necessary to get healthy again. You will know creative ways to move to help yourself get out of a sedentary rut and start moving towards health again.

Week 3: Let Go of The Weight With The F.O.O.D. Technique

I hope you love eating fresh, whole foods because you’re going to learn all about the fun, flavorful, nutritious benefits of adding more plant-based foods and lots of fresh water to your daily diet.  It’s okay if you eat meat products, you’ll just learn how making fresh whole foods the star of your late is the healthier way to eat.  Eating more vegetables has been shown to have strong health benefits, reduce inflammation, and might help reverse some diseases.  Explore meal preparation methods that help get the weight off while you get  more plant-based nutrition in your diet by learning to prepare delicious meals. You’ll even know about how to time when you eat for maximum weight loss benefit.  Vegetable SaladGet recipes and wisdom to help keep you focused on getting healthier each and everyday

Week 4: Develop Self-Help Steps with The M.O.O.D. Technique

This week we’re going to talk about what stress has to do with weight loss and other factors that affect weight, like genetics, menopause, hormones and aging.  We’ll take a look at cravings, emotional eating and  learn how to minimize their hold on you.  And since you don’t want to gain weight back after losing it, you’ll get weight maintenance tools to keep you on track.  By the end of the Move and Eat 30 Day Challenge, you’ll have a set of effective tools for movement, exercise, eating and living a balanced life. You’ll walk away with a set of skills you need to keep moving, lose weight and know how to keep it off for a lifetime!

Get Ready to Change Your Life!

In the next four, you will have support, guidance, tools and resources for 30 Days to Change Your Habits – Get the support needed to develop new health and wellness challenges, dropping the old and bringing in the new. 

  • Change your mindset to move and eat for health.
  • Watch your body change – Clearer skin, firmer body, weight loss , shinier hair.
  • Feel so much better
  • Better circulation and digestion
  • Increase your personal health & wellness knowledge
  • Meet health goals
  • Decrease symptoms related to metabolic disease
  • To have new sustainable ways of caring for yourself.
  • Consciously alter your behaviors.


There’s no time like today to start moving forward for your health.  Without your health, you won’t be able to enjoy your life, family, success or wealth. Don’t get stuck with aches and pains throughout your body, or develop stiffness in your back, knees and joints. Stop feeling like it’s hopeless to lose weight. Take care of yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

As soon as you submit your investment, you will receive the Introductory Email with all of the details for this program. .

Haven’t you waited long enough to make your health your priority?

You can start this Challenge Whenever You are Ready!  That’s the beauty of an online course and Technology.  All you need is a working internet connection with capacity to view a webinar and hear an audio.  You can even download the information to your hard-drive if you prefer.

Don’t take for granted you can wait until tomorrow to become healthier.   Instead of continuing to do what’s not good for you, make the transition to get serious about your health.

Get going now –  and get SERIOUS about your health.

Invest in Yourself

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Disclaimer: This is not a medical program. You should never start a program that changes your diet, lifestyle and health without checking with your medical professional first. How you use the information in this program is entirely your responsibility.

Guarantee: There are no guarantees of results from the use of this program. How you use the information and do the work is totally your responsibility.  However, by following the information and doing the work, you can expect to have changes in your health and wellness.  Having your medical professional review your progress is highly suggested.