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For People Who Sit Too Much, Move Too Little & Eat Wrong Stuff!

It’s Time to Shed the Spread!


This 8 Step Move & Eat for Your Life!™ Program, Could Literally Change Your Life!

Lose Weight – Eat Healthy – Feel Better

The great thing about this program is that you will have the support your need to be as successful as possible on this journey.

That’s really important. You probably know how hard it can be to try to make changes in your life all by yourself. And most Online Entrepreneurs are working on their own – all alone. I don’t want you to feel along while working on the most important thing you have – YOUR HEALTH.

Over the next eight weeks, you will get full support, resources, and guidance to kick-start your health and wellness lifestyle.

You will learn:

  • how to figure out your BMI and take other simple assessments about your health.
  • know about cravings, how to help to shake the sugar habit while still enjoying sweets that are healthy and nutritious.
  • be able to start eating new, fresh, plant-based foods in the first week, learn about green smoothies and know fast, simple meals to have around to keep you eating right.
  • learn ways to exercise that are fun and fast, even those to do at your desk, at home , outside or at the gym.
  • understand about lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and all the wonderful foods you can eat in spite of that.
  • understand the importance of water and what you can drink to keep you healthy.

Here’s the List of incredible lessons for each week:
* Remember – you’ll get a whole Move & Eat Manual to help you along with each step.  You’ll have assessments, articles, worksheets, tips list, shopping lists, recipes, exercise outlines, and much more in your Move & Eat Manual.

1. Why Sitting Too Much & Moving Too Little is Making You Sick (And How to Change Your Mindset about This).  – We’re going to jump right in and get you going on your Move & Eat Challenge by giving you the eye-opening facts about the effects on your body and life of sitting too long, not moving enough, and eating the wrong stuff.  This week you’ll get fully organized for success.  Then you’ll determine “why” you want to get healthier by looking into your wellness mindset.

  • Why it’s important to shed the spread – obesity and health risk
  • Develop the mindset to be ready to succeed in a healthy lifestyle
  • Prepare steps to moving forward, changing lifestyle habits, and succeeding over the next weeks.
  • Find out how to start losing weight & moving more in safe, sustainable ways – really fast.

2. How to Get Your B.U.T.T. Up – (or At Least Moving) – You’ll find out there are fun ways to add movement and exercise to your daily routine that make you WANT to keep moving. I’ll even share some exercises you can do sitting down!

  • Know HOW to move so you don’t hurt yourself so you can keep moving more.
  • Start moving TODAY, right during the session.
  • Understand the different types of exercise and why you need to include them all
  • Know when to move for best results so your metabolism stays revved up

3. Time to Shake the Weight.  Understand how you gain or lose body weight and take the first steps to healthy sustainable weight loss.  Even if you’re a die-hard meat eater, you’ll just learn how making fresh whole foods the star of your life is the healthier way to eat.  Eating more vegetables has been shown to have strong health benefits, reduce inflammation, and might help reverse some diseases.

  • You can eat fresh, whole, delicious foods starting immediately without a lot of problem
  • Know the importance of staying hydrated and what you should and shouldn’t drink
  • Time to talk about macro & micro nutrients and how they affect the body and cravings.

4. How to Feed Yourself for Health – Learn new ways to feed yourself foods that are quick, easy to make while being tasty. In fact, you can make some of these even if you don’t know if you have a stove in your house!

  • Know how to prepare meals fast and easy with quick recipes
  • Understand more about green smoothies, juicing, and eating your vegetables
  • Get recipes and wisdom to help keep you focused on getting healthier each and everyday
  • Find out when to eat as you add more movement and exercise to your day

5. How to Shake the Sugar, Salt and Cravings – Wonder why you keep eating stuff that you KNOW you don’t need – like too much sugar, salt or processed foods? Excess sugar can lead to diabetes and other diseases. You can kick the sugar habit when you know how. We’ll talk about cravings, why you have them and how to kick the habits.

  • Cravings for salt, crunchy, or smooth foods happen for many reasons that we’ll talk about so you can learn to move on.
  • Get excess sugar, salt and other junk out of your life with realistic snacks and whole foods instead

6. Secrets to Bust the GUT – (it’s in the food as well as the movement)

Belly fat is particularly bad for your health, plus it can be stubborn to get off.   Most people think they are stuck with belly fat when they get it and particularly as they get older.  Well, get ready to find out how to start making that belly fat slide off your mid-section.

  • Find out why a lack of movement affects not only your belly but your metabolism.
  • Learn how certain foods affect the gut making it harder or easier to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Understand why you MUST move AND eat to Get the Gut off.   

7. How to Stay Balanced for On-Going Health – Now that you are sparkling clean inside (well, at least a little bit more than when you started) be aware of what else you need to do on a regular basis to be a healthy, happy entrepreneur.

  • Self-care is a part of being successful so know how to care for yourself
  • Working 24/7 isn’t as smart as it seems. Find out how to get sleep to restore the body
  • Stress is dangerous so don’t let it take away the best years of your life

8. How to Maintain Your New Lifestyle Habits – After getting a new start you have to maintain it. You’ll learn ways to keep on track with your new healthy habits.

  • Create the balance in life that lets you keep you new health and wellness lifestyle
  • Keep moving to stay healthy even if you must sit for long hours for your work.
  • No more excuses; you have one body that’s fully your responsibility – take care of it.


  • Audios Receive an audio of each of the 8 sessions for you to review at your convenience.


  • Worksheets to Help You Develop Your Personal Maintenance Program


  • One 30 minute one-on-one strategy session with me within 30 days after completion of course, to go from concept to implementation

Call 1:  Facing the Facts of Sitting Too Much & How To Get Started Immediately

Call 3: Get Your Butt UP! – Exercises You Can Add to Your Day

Call 2: Time to Shake the Weight

Call 4: Feed Yourself For Health

Call 5: Shake the Sugar, Salt & Cravings

Call 6: Secrets to Bust the GUT

Call 7: How to Stay Balanced for On-Going Health

Call 8: Maintain Your New Lifestyle Habits


  • Audios of the tele-series
  • Worksheets to Help You Develop Your Personal Maintenance Program
  • 30 Minute Individual Strategy Session with Consuelo

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Having a business and being an entrepreneur could be your greatest dream come true. But without your health, you won’t be able to enjoy your success or wealth. Don’t get stuck with aches and pains throughout your body, or develop stiffness in your back, knees and joints. Stop feeling like it’s hopeless to lose the weight. Take care of your eyes and wrists so when you retire, you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Disclaimer: This is not a medical program. You should never start a program that changes your diet, lifestyle and health without checking with your medical professional first.  How you use the information in this program is entirely your responsibility.