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Almost everyday, someone wants to know how why I created the the Move & Eat Programs.   I created them when people all around me started getting sick too soon.  As an online entrepreneur I work in front of a computer almost all day everyday.  Many of my professional partners do the same thing.  I also teach courses online for people who sit in front of a computer all day. Many of these people are professionals in companies, some from around the world.

Over the years, I found a fabulous business assistant who helped me as an Online Business Manager for years.  She was totally dependable and always available. After a while she started feeling bad.  Since she was working with me on my projects she encouraged me to look more into the problem of people who were getting sick from sitting too much and not eating right.  Then one day, she just disappeared. It took a while but I found out she had been hospitalized, partly because of health problems produced from sitting too much, moving too little, and not eating the right foods.

When you sit too much there’s a tendency to grab what you can to eat.  You get so involved in what you’re doing that fast food starts looking really good – because you don’t have to spend much time preparing it. And you grab the wrong foods because you need energy.

When you don’t move and eat right it can keep you from sleeping so you feel tired.  Plus it adds stress to the body.  You forget to drink water or even take care of personal issues.  Weight starts to creep on, especially around the belly – and belly fat is the worse of all. More physical problems can come long before you realize it.

I also started feeling the effects of sitting too much and moving to little.  I could get in front of the computer in the morning and stay there for hours at a time.  Before I realized it, I had sat in one place for three, four hours without moving.

The ironic thing was that I was studying health and nutrition at the time, learning about eating whole fresh foods and exercising. When I got a physical checkup I was shocked that my cholesterol had gotten even higher, and my blood pressure was up.  The doctor was concerned about blood sugar balance and gall bladder issues.  I was either on my way to a new normal of living on medications to control health issues or I had to turn things around. So I finally got the discipline to do what I knew was correct – I started moving and eating for my life.

One of the biggest issues was belly fat.  It was so stubborn.  That was the key to creating the Move & Eat Programs when I found out how a certain, easy to do yet highly important moves things was necessary to start getting fat off the belly area.  After a while I started getting results and lost 6 inches on my waist and 30 pounds. The result was lower cholesterol and normal blood pressure with a gall bladder back to normal and more energy than I’d had for months.  I started sharing with others and developed the program.

If you’re had

  • trouble losing weight
  • you sit too much and move too little
  • you’re not sure how or what to eat that’s right for your body
  • and your metabolism is shot.

join the growing number of people who are experiencing better health and wellness through the Move & Eat 30 Day Challenge.


Consuelo Meux, Ph.D.

My Health & Wellness Background:

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Raw/Vegan Chef & Trainer
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certification – eCornell
  • Human & Organization Systems, PhD
  • Published Author & Speaker